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Our Network

Learn more about our robust network backbone and the latest technologies we use to ensure stability


Network Infrastructure

Highly Reliable Network

Our premium multi-homed network blend consists of AT&T, Verizon, Windstream, and Level 3. This ensures high performance with low latency, while maintaining an industry standard 99.99% network uptime. We provide excellent connectivity to major tech hubs such as NYC, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Powerful Juniper Backbone

We utilize enterprise grade redundent Juniper Networks hardware to provide 99.99% uptime or better. We keep replacement parts on site for all our network equipment.


Premium DDOS protection

Our local multi-layer mitigation system protects you from attacks without impacting performance. Every service with us is backed by 200GBPS of dedicated DDOS protection. Higher levels of protection are available upon request. To date the largest attack we have successfully combated is 800gbps.

Proactive Protection

Our NOC montiors our network 24x7 to maintain our 99.99% network uptime with industry standard Nagios monitoring tools. As soon as we detect a DDOS attack, we will instantly notify you through email as we mitigate the attack.